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New Work - Frazzled Ford

I'm still alive!

My apologies for the less frequent posting but I have been blessed with a torrent of work this last month. Now that the dust has settled I can finally get back some some personal work and share some blog love.

And what better time than during a mayoral crack scandal.
For this illustration I wanted to show both the filth and tarnish along with the pent up embaressment and frustration that Ford must be feeling. I also just like drawing his damp, nervous face.

I will keep my opinions to a minimum but I will say this. From experience (although not with crack coccain), I know that one's personal life and professional life are intertwined and frustrations in one can affect the quality of the other. I cannot imagine the amount of distraction the scandal, or the double life he was living prior, would have created. A life that full of things pulling you away from your professional obligations is not the best position for anyone to be in, let alone the mayor of a major metropolitan area. His stubbornness is not only hurting the city by having a less than attentive/honorable representitive but it also hurts himself.

So this whole circus has been entertaining and all but Mr Mayor, go get some help, let someone else take the reigns. Toronto will be fine, hell, better for it. You say you love the city... if you love it let it go free.

Well, Hope you enjoyed the illustration.
Have a good one

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