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Really?!?... REALLY!

Hey Gang

So I have been having some trouble hunting down my income tax return over the last couple months. I found out today that some jerk-faced cheat stole it and cashed it on my behalf. I am surprised that in a world that requires me to have computer chip verification for a burger and fries still harbors such actions as walking into a Money Mart with some other person's government issued check and walking out WITH THEIR BLOODY MONEY!

So I drew a picture to make me feel better. This is the type of person I currently imagine is enjoying my money. Halfway through it I started to feel sympathy for the poor bastard, maybe he was once a proud man who has lost his way. Perhaps he was once wealthy and is ashamed of what he must now resort to just to buy food. A tragic story of loss and the sacrifice of ethics and morals in exchange for ones own survival...or maybe he's just some asshole with my money.


  1. Yes!
    Or maybe he does wear purple!
    The big ol' goat face!
    Nice drawing of the baddie.