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Vacation Week - Update

Hey Friends

So Lindsay and I are on a little vacation this week. We decided to take some time off to recharge since we are both independent contractors and often forget to take time off for ourselves. This week we are relaxing and checking our some things in the city that we often neglect because "we live in the city and it'll be there tomorrow". However, anyone who calls it a "stay-cation" will loose 20 friendship points because it a dumb word for dumb people. Here is what we have done thus far...

Saturday - Dinner with Jamie, Matt and Emily
Sunday - Watched some "meh" sci-fi and had dinner at Dizzy's Gastro Pub with Ian and Dalia.
Monday - Picnic at Sherwood Park with Ziggy (our dog) and saw The Decemberists with Jer.
Tuesday - Went the the AGO, coffee and danish at a cafe and dinner in Chinatown.
Today - Coffee with Jess-Z and maybe others.
Tomorrow - has yet to come.

I will post again later this week. My Birthday is on Saturday so I'll let you know how it goes.
And now a sketch of an ugly alien...


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