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Kingston Trip Sketches

Hey All

So here are some quick sketches from my trip to Kingston last week.

My stuff (left) and the person across from me (right)

The cover of my current reading at the time
(left; A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah. Amazing read)
And an extrapolation of the scenery (right)

The laziest cafe attendant ever, and I use to work at a Starbucks with Leon (aka Shuffles)
(3min on the phone with her back to a costumer... tisk tisk lady)

So yeah, The trip went well considering the circumstances and my time back has been good. I have been able to get some crap in order and my desk all clean and ready to go. I've been sketching some Sci-fi stuff as of late and will post some samples soon. I also just started a little project with Rubicon and it looks like it could provide some fun additions to the portfolio.

Also, I just joined up with Taxi Design portfolios. I will upload a post if there are any changes to the profile.

Until next time