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We can Redraw Him... Better, Faster Stronger... (Learning the Boards)

As promised, here is my first installment in my attempt to get my blog caught up on my work over the past few months. I think first off I will talk about my work as a storyboard artist.

I have had some experience boarding in the past (the drawing kind, not the surf, snow or skate ones, I have no skills in those departments). However, most of my experience was for myself or side projects as well as a fairly strong understanding of sequential narrative from my work in comics. Over the last year I have been working on building a portfolio and client base and I am happy to say that I have a fair number of project under my belt now. It's an odd feeling to be watching TV and have an ad you worked on pop up, it's like extreme déjà vu or commercial clairvoyance. Here are a couple examples

Here is one I did for a First Choice Haircutters ad (one of my first full advertising boards). Here are a few panels and a sample of the final spot. This ad has a couple variants with different genders and ages.

You can check out the final video Here

Next is one I did for a Life Brand advertisement. This one has a stronger sense of tone and space. It was also helpful to have some really good reference shots from the location scouting that was done prior to my work on the project.

Overall I am really enjoying the work and have gotten a good feel for the pace I need to render. My work storyboarding has also been a fantastic drawing exercise as I am being forced to draw scenes/objects/poses that I usually would never think to draw. I look forward to showing off more of the boards as the projects get launched.


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