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I Know This - Global Game Jam 2015

So earlier this year at the Global Game Jam I had a chance to work with a very talented programer, game designer and all around cool guy Renaud B├ędard. Other contributes included Adam Axbey (sound effects) and Matthew Simmonds (4mat) (music). I will go more in depth about the experience, but first, the game!

I Know This is hacking "simulator" birthed from Renaud's and my mutual love of Jurassic Park, more specifically, the hacking scene.

In the game, you navigate from tile to tile, searching the system for a special file that could be in one of five possible folders.

You hack search nodes to helps provide information about the percentage likelihood of what folder the file is contained in. Pick the wrong folder and it is game over, so you better be sure.

All the while, the system admin tries to hunt you down while Clicky, the helpful system assistant, is there to harass help you.

You can download and play for free here. Be sure to read Renaud's write up.

Now some thoughts on the collaboration.

I have done a few game jams in the past, sometimes with a team, sometimes just floating about the place, helping folks out with some art. Usually the majority of my input is strictly regarding visuals with some narrative/design contribution on rare occasion. Not to disregard my previous experiences, but working with Renaud was a whole new type of game collaboration, one I had never really had a chance to experience. We were very receptive to each others ideas while being sure to keep the project contained within reasonable expectations. This collaboration also allowed me to get a better understanding of Unity and I was even able to work on the level design (originally just paper and pencil) with the tools provided by my partner.

Renaud was gracious enough to put some overtime in to get it running smoothly, which was probably for the best considering the reception it got from a number of different blogs. People seemed to really enjoy it, but then again, who doesn't love reliving nostalgia? am I right?

So please do feel free to check out the game and be sure to let me now what you think

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