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Found in Translation - My Concept Storyboards Work with Reactiv Pictures

I have been wanting to show off this work for some time and with the launch of the video this week, I can! This one is an interesting example of how similar a final piece can be to it's initial concept.
Last fall I got to create some fun concept storyboards with a production studio I have had the pleasure of working with on a couple projects. Reactiv Pictures is a talented team and Alon Isocianu, the director, is always a blast to work with. One evening we sat down and went over the script and shot breakdown for Angry Kids music video "Battle". He had a really intriguing concept in his head and I had the pleasure of trying to translate it to image, giving the team an idea of the overall feel as well as shot composition. After our jam, I went back to my studio and started working.

Here is the final video followed by some samples of my storyboard alongside the appropriate stills.

My main visual inspiration for the storyboards was ancient Greek pottery and the silhouetted characters that often adorned their sides. That, and some Wire-Fu/comic book influences.

When I got to see the final video I was very flattered to see how many of my shot compositions matched up, with a couple lining up almost identically. It was good to know that my vision of Alon's initial concept was accurate and hopefully helped it grow.

I want to give a big tip of the hat to Reactiv and everyone who worked on the video (be sure to check the credits on the Vimeo page) on a job well done. When I was drawing these I had little idea of how they might pull it off in a live action video, but by golly they did it and then some. For a breakdown of how the video was made, check out Reactiv's Behance Page.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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