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New Work - The Raid

I might have hinted at this once or twice before, but I'm a huge action movie fan. I enjoy all types; barbaric adventures, sly spies, science fiction... you name it and I probably have a film that meets the criteria. A good action film should trigger a primal response, make you feel guilty for cheering like a Roman Colosseum attendee at every explosion, face punch and crunchy arm-bar. Now some of you might be thinking I'm about to start getting all misty and nostalgic about the new Expendables film but I'm not. No, I'm going to take a moment to cheer from the rooftops and announce my proud ownership of The Raid on blu-ray. I celebrate by drawing.

I saw this movie a few months back in theaters and was floored by its quality, especially with the fight choreography. I do warn you that it is a very violent film (not for kids or the squeamish), but if you can brave the blood you will be in for some martial arts action glory.


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