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Morning Warm-Up - I'm Batman! (and Married)

So I'm back to work, this time as a married man. My wife and I had a spectacular day and from the building shaking from all the dancing (and I am not exaggerating) I can say our guests had a great time too. Last week we had our honeymoon near Huntsville Ontario and relaxed in a lake-side cabin while we reflected on the awesomeness of the wedding, the love of our friends and family and how we can now call each other husband and wife. Perhaps I'll post a wedding pic or two when we get them in. But enough of this sappiness, time to get back to some drawing.

So I saw "The Dark Knight Rises" this weekend with my wife and we both really enjoyed it. The movie has been getting mixed reviews but we thought it was a fitting conclusion to the series, perhaps it just had a little too much hype to avoid disappointment.

I felt inspired to draw Batman today as I shook the rust off my drawing arm. Although I really like the direction they took the costume for the new films, I kinda miss the old yellow and blue. I thought I'd try and meld the two in this sketch.
Let me know what you think.
Now that the wedding is finished expect regular posts.


  1. This image has too much marriage in it for my taste. Joking. Loving the retro colours and the big chunky brush strokes at the ends of the cape.

  2. Thanks Don, I was going to have him on a cake with Robin but I thought it too heavy.