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New Work and Upcoming Show - Part 2

Hey Everyone

First, some new work. I have combined one of my favorite reality TV shows (odd, because of my general dislike reality "shows") with one of my favorite Sci-Fi monsters. Why? why not.
Secondly, that last Speakeasy show was a blast, so I've decided to do another. You are welcome to come out and see my work. The last show had a good turnout considering it shared the evening with the first hockey game of the year and a provincial election; That said it is always nice to see even more people. I will have the short comic I created with Blain Waters, Mishaps in Time Travel, on display along with some prints and original work, so please do try and swing by.

Speakeasy Comic Book Show
Thursday November 3rd
Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
Pay what you can ($4 recommended)

Hope you can make it.


  1. OMG Mantracker + Predator... EPIC.

  2. I try to make obscure dreams reality. It's a humble quest.