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MEGA POST - Web Comic - Mythic Disappointment (and some other drawings)

It has been a while since my last post and even longer since my last comic. Because of this, I thought I would do a nice, big post with a new comic and some things you who might have missed from my Twitter posts.

The following comic was created from a transcript of an actually conversation I had with my wife last Friday. And yes, I was genuinely sad.

Next is a new self portrait I made for all my various interaction. It was either this or a wedding photo.

And here is what I would look like in (and how I would survive) the apocalypse.

One day this month I asked the Twitter cloud to give me some suggestion on what to draw. Brian McLachlan suggested I draw either a dragon octopus or mermaid Captain America. So I did both.

And here are a couple drawings I did the other week because the internet needed some happy vibes. One is a BadAss Orange (based off a doodle by Myriame Pilgrim). The other is my dog and his joy of finding cheese.

And there you have it, most of my fun drawings this month. Once some of my work related drawings are published I will be sure to post about them. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @Artbygavin and enjoy what's left of your summer.

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