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New Work - Chris Hadfield Mission Patch

Good afternoon everyone

So I have some new work today and this piece is for a show I am participating in this weekend. The show is called Canadian Icons and it will be at the Leslie Jones (1182 Queen St E, Toronto) this Sunday from 3-6pm.

When thinking of who I would like to do a portrait for the first person to come to mind was Chris Hadfield, and not just because of his recent popularity. You see, as a kid I really, REALLY wanted to be an astronaut. I loved everything about space exploration and would go to lectures held by astronauts like some kind of space groupie. I have had the pleasure of seeing Col. Hadfield speak on a few occasions (before he commanded the ISS) and actually got to meet him once. Although I never decided to pursue a career as an astronaut his inspiration to always aim high and never give up has carried into my other pursuits.
So I thought it only fitting to use the skills that my inspired dedication has helped grow to create a tribute to someone who I feel is a modern, Canadian Icon.
Let me know what you think and if you are free this Sunday please come on out.

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