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Illustration Friday - "Storm"

So I was inspired for this week's Illustration Friday by last week's storm. We got hit pretty hard here in Toronto but I liked it (then again I work from home and don't own a car). I knew we were in for a good snowfall this winter because the squirrels were super fat (they know what's up).
Anyway, this is a self portrait of me walking our incredibly enthusiastic dog.
Our dog loves the snow, especially when it's fresh, fluffy and he has his "balloon boots" on.
That said, he is a total diva in the rain.


  1. This is fantastic! Not owning a car certainly makes the snow easier to enjoy - I feel the same way.

    1. Thanks Miz. We live right in the city so public transit can handle our needs. We just rent a car when we need to travel outside the city. One less thing to maintain (and park).

  2. My dogs like snow too! Nice illo with everything disappearing in the big white.

  3. Thanks Hedwig, I'm happy you liked the snow effect. Hope you and your dogs got to enjoy some of last week's snow.