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Travel Log - St Lucia

So my wife and I just returned from our honeymoon in St Lucia. It was an awesome trip full of great food, plentiful drink, warm sun and warmer people. We stayed at a resort and took a couple day trips to see more of the island's landmarks and cities. One trip involved a catamaran ride down the west coast to the town of Soufriere (pictured below) where we visited a botanical garden and a nearby, drive-through volcano (a sulphur mud spring, hence the name of the town). The trip also included a lunch with a fantastic view and some snorkeling on the boat ride back. Oh, and rum, lots of rum.

Our days at the resort were spent relaxing. Lindsay loves the sun and spent as much time as she could basking in it. As for myself, I spend intervals in the sun but enjoy a shady spot with a cold beer (or Rum Collins), a good book (this trip it was Hemingway's A Movable Feast) and something to draw on.

Another one of our trips took us inland for some horseback riding. The trail ended at a cove where we were invited to ride bareback in the water. Being a gentleman wearing only swim trunks I can say it was a "unique" experience (and by that I mean "uniquely uncomfortable").

The nightlife was also full of fun. We met another couple on their honeymoon, John and Monica, and made friends with the best bartender ever, Micky. We played a variation of billiards call "scream pool" where someone would scream bloody murder at any random moment. Monica, being her first game, won. There was also a karaoke night where I sang Fly Me to the Moon and did a duet of Sweet Caroline with Lindsay (a rare performance for her). John was forced to sing In the Air Tonight but I eventually stepped in to take some of the burden. Lindsay and Monica (and another girl whose name I can't recall) tried their best Benny and the Jets despite a misleading prompter. Mikey just laughed at us, shaking his head and mumbling something to himself.

Afterwards we all danced. Apparently I reenacted Gangnam Style in its entirety along with lip-syncing in Korean (and I wasn't even that intoxicated).

The week was also filled with plenty of romance, candle lit dinners on the shore, walks along the sand... but frankly, those details are none of your business.

But you can see these drawing instead...

We had an epic trip and made some great friends and memories along the way.
Lastly, I just want to thank my fantastic wife for being as fun loving and adventurous as she is.

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