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Illustration Friday - "Mirror"

This week the theme was "Mirror"  and I was inspired by the scene in Jurasic Park when they are being chased by the T-Rex. The shot of the sprinting dinosaur in the side-view mirror was such wonderful juxtaposition that I couldn't help by play with the idea of "stuff you shouldn't see in your side-view mirror". Here is what I came up with.

This scene could be a number of things... 
-Someone fleeing their impending parental responsibilities (no, we're not expecting).
-Stork delivery regulations on highway.
-How to explain where babies come from to a child who was born in the back of a car on the way to the hospital.

Truth be told, I just think it's a fun image.

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  1. just a note: you've a misprint, as i believe you meant it to read "i couldn't help 'but' play with the idea". The word 'by' snuck in there though
    ^ _ ^