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Food Rant - Bread

Bread, how I love good, proper bread. I'm not talking about that spongy white loaf we all grew up on, with a "crust" like brown parchment that you insisted be removed from your PB&J. The bread I refer to is crispy, crusty joy wrapped around a pillow of rich, moist goodness. It can be a wedge of naan cooked traditionally on the side of a Tandoori oven, a disc of Pita, a length of baguette or a slice of Halal. Whatever your taste I ask only this, make sure it's good.

Around a year ago my love of bread enticed me to attempt baking my own. Now I'm handy in a kitchen and consider myself a decent cook, but never much of a baker. I have always relied on the professionals for baked goods, both savory and sweet. You see, I'm a bit of an improvisor when it comes to the kitchen, something the precision of baking does not cater to. I knew I wanted to make it easy for my first attempt and I had been hearing a lot about "no-knead" doughs so I thought that would be a good place to start. After piecing together some different recipes, watching multiple video tutorials and plenty of "research" (and by "research" I am referring to eating my own weight in bread) I was ready.

The first loaf was a brick and better suited for construction or flood relief. The second loaf was about halfway there but still smelled and tasted more like beer than bread. It was the third one that was the one, the bread of our home and the pride of my flour dusted heart. It was simple and delicious fresh but also made excellent toast and croutons. It essentially ruined supermarket loafs for me.

I leave you with this, if you love bread try your hand at making some and If you can't muster the will then at least buy good bread. Hell, if enough of you ask nicely I might even share my recipe.

This was my first Illustrated Food Rant. Critiques in the comments would be sweet.

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